Craps Dice Game Basics

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Betting Basics and Simple Rules

Craps Betting BasicsMany different bets are possible in the casino game of craps, a number of which have better odds for the player.

Betting in the game of craps is quite diverse and many different betting options are available for players.

Payout odds vary depending upon the actual bet itself and some bets provide better value than other, more risky betting options.

It is sensible to consider the casino's profit ratio for each of the betting positions in craps, which is better known as the casino 'house advantage'. This provides a good indication of each possible bet in craps. When betting, always take note of the various casino house advantage percentages.

Some of the most popular and best-value betting options in the game of craps include betting on the 'pass win' line and also betting on the 'pass don't win' line, which also provide the option for further betting, known as 'odds' betting.


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