Playing Casino Craps

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Playing: The Stickman and Inspector

Playing Casino CrapsThe casino game of craps is operated by two separate casino dealers, together with the 'stickman' and 'inspector'. Each of these casino dealers control one end of the table and the relevant betting layout in that area of the playing table.

The stickman is in charge of the dice, which are moved around the table with a long stick, due to the excessive size of the craps table.

Playing: The Shooter

Each of the players in craps take turns to throw the two dice and the person actually throwing the dice is referred to as the craps 'shooter'. Standing at one end of the table, the shooter first chooses two dice from a number of dice presented by the stickman.

Before playing and throwing the dice, the 'shooter' places a bet on either the 'win line' or 'pass line', or the 'don't win line' or 'don't pass line'. Once bets have been placed on the craps table, the shooter throws the two dice together, ensuring that they hit the far wall of the table. The 'shooter' continues playing and throws the dice until a losing decision is reached. At this stage in the game of craps, the next willing player positioned on the left-hand side of the 'shooter' takes over play.

Playing: Placing Betting Chips

When playing and betting in the game of craps, players should place their betting chips in front of them and announce their bet to the dealer, who will place the actual bet. This ensures that the betting chips and kept well away from the 'shooter' when they are throwing the craps dice.


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