Craps Table Layout

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Information about Table Layout

Craps Table LayoutThe craps table is an extremely large rectangular table, with raised sides creating an enclosed 'pit' area.

Players sit or stand all around the outside of the gaming table and up to 24 players can bet on a casino table at any one time.

There are two identical betting areas at each end of the craps table, using a standard betting layout.

Information about the Table Rail and Walls

Around the edge of the craps table is an indented rail, which has been specifically designed to hold player's betting chips.

At each end of the table, the wall is covered in small pyramid shapes, standing next to each other in several rows. When the dice are thrown against these projections, the dice are randomly deflected, making the scoring quite unpredictable.

The other walls around the craps table are mirrored, ensuring that players from all angles are able to see the dice and game in progress.


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